Information For Readers

The Editorial Board seeks the advice of experts in the research areas of the submitted manuscripts. Referees should estimate the scientific value of the work and also indicate whether the writing is clear and concise. The recommendations from the referees may not always be followed by the Editor who accepts full responsibility for decisions about manuscripts. Papers that are not accepted by the Editor will be returned to the authors. Authors have the right to appeal to the Editor if they regard a decision to reject as unfair.

We would appreciate having your comments returned to us within 30 days of receipt. If you expect to take significantly longer to evaluate this manuscript or if you feel that the paper in question is outside your specialist area, please DECLINE, for reassignment as quickly as possible. It may be helpful if you can suggest an alternative referee.

The Editorial Board relies primarily on the referees for an assessment of the Scientific Merit of a submitted manuscript. Some specific aspects must be taken into consideration:

Originality – The work should be original, i.e. not published elsewhere, except as abstracts or preliminary communications to conferences, meeting, symposia  and similar events.

Revision. If the manuscript needs revision, please make specific suggestions for the guidance of the author(s) and editor(s). Do not hesitate to recommend condensation. Indicate which parts need shortening. Be alert for errors that are evident only to readers with highly specialised knowledge.

Tables and Figures – Check whether all the tables and figures are needed, or can some be eliminated without detriment to the presentation of the paper.

Language – For manuscripts submitted in English by authors whose first language is not English, it is important that the referees should use their expert knowledge to remove or point out any ambiguities in the scientific content. When necessary, revision of the text by a native English speaker or a professional reviser should be recommended.

Accuracy. Referees should examine all relevant details.

Numerical Data – Examine numerical data to see whether the values support the conclusions drawn by the author(s). Check the consistency of numerical data in the text, figures and tables.

Calculations – When possible spot check calculated numerical items.

Nomenclature – Check whether symbols, units, etc. are used in accordance with International System (SI) recommendations

References – Please check a few bibliographic entries. Check spelling of authors’ names, journal abbreviation, year, volume, page, etc. Check whether the cited reference is relevant and appropriate,

Policy – It should be clearly understood that comments of reviewer are made in confidence to the Editor. The comments will be conveyed to the author(s), preserving the reviser’s identity.