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The Journal

Geochimica Brasiliensis is an open access journal whose main goal is the publication of original scientific subjects of broad interest  related to Geochemistry and its various aspects, including modern processes and new field and laboratory techniques. The articles are licensed under Creative Commons License CC-BY. Geochimica Brasiliensis does not charge any fees for publishing an article. All the content of Geochimica Brasiliensis is stored and preserved at the Public Knowledge Project Preservation Network (PKP PN) system. All contributions are subject to double-blind peer review. The Editorial Board wellcomes manuscripts on the following subjects

o    Lithogeochemistry
o    Isotope Geochemistry
o    Geochemical Prospection and Metallogenesis
o    Organic Geochemistry 
o    Environmental and Surface Geochemistry
o    Biogeochemistry
o    Hydrogeochemistry
o    Atmospheric Chemistry
o    Geology and Medicine
o    Analytical Geochemistry

Geochimica Brasiliensis publishes Articles, Revision Articles, Book Reviews and Notes on subjects related to Geochemistry; Text must be written in English. The Article is the main form of publication and must be written according to the Norms. Partitioned articles will not be accepted (ex part 1, part 2). The articles must allow the independent reading. They must be objectives and concise. The Review Articles are published by the Editorial Board invitation. Their purpose is to communicate progress in a specific field of geochemistry, with the objective of providing a critical account of the state of the art from the point of view of the highly qualified and experienced specialist. Book Reviews are also published by Editorial Board invitation and Notes are intended to convey short communications which deserve quick publication.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.